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Artwork was nice, game was enjoyable to play for a while, but it got a little boring towards the end.

It could have been more of a challenge, you can't actually die and you just drive the same part of the track over and over until you unlock something new and travel a little bit further.

Overall, a good game but could use something to keep it interesting and make it more of a challenge throughout.


I'm just gutted this doesn't have medals.

Also could have been longer, but overall, nice effort.


It was simple, but I enjoyed it. Good work! I liked how it sped up as you progressed through the level. It would have been better with slightly more fluid controls and power ups.

It looks good

I like the turning page effect you had going on, but in your example the tweens didn't go round in a square because you hadn't aligned the keypoint up correctly so it wobbled - it was also a little lacking on information and depth, but it was nicely presented, fairly easy to follow and will probably help someone out, so good job.

Sorry to burst your bubble

But this game sucks, and the wiggi world contest is over.

It could be improved by better art, it was a bit inconsistent, but I liked the sounds and the buttons which added extra interactivity to the game.

Maxaroni5 responds:

hee hee hee

You're "tired of bad designed and lazily done art"

"I am tired of bad designed and lazily done art tutorials."

So why are you adding to the mess? There's nothing that special about your art, you have a long way to go, and the steps weren't very helpful about how to achieve the result you did.

Both you and your tutorial to have a long way to go in my opinion, try improving your own skills, and adding more steps and show more animations of how you actually drew what you did - then you might be getting somewhere.

Flashmovieboy responds:

Thanks for constructive critcs! I mean't with that sentece, that many, many tutorials of art that i've seen is even worst..


I can hardly fault this game. The idea isn't 100% original, but this game is different. It's nice - got a good style to it and most importantly it's fun. I've been playing it a while and I'm still not bored, it the kind of game that'll keep you entertained for a long time - and that type of thing is hard to achieve. It's brilliant. The sound is effective and subtle which adds to rather than overpowers anything from the game. The graphics are simple and nice and the explosion effects are decent.

I got to the third level though and I had to move the mouse before it would let me do anything, and the power and angle said NaN. I pressed space and the rocket just burned all the fuel out then exploded but it worked the second time round. I'm not sure what was wrong with it, but that was the only minor thing that has affected this game for me - and to be honest with you - I don't care. Everything else made up for it. It's awesome!

Sweet game!

This was really nice, I really liked it. It had a simple style to it and I really liked the concept. It was really nice. Great stuff man!


Yet another awesome flash from you guys. It's brilliant. I love all your work and you should make more! Nice stuff you guys keep it up.

jogo52793 responds:

Hey- you helped too, so awesome job u2 :)


It has potential to be a really good game. Even though you used sticks, it was still pretty nicely done. It was a little choppy, maybe bump up the frame rate - and I'd remove the menu so that people can't just right click > play past levels :P

But yeah it was a good start, I'd love to see a more developed version in the near future.

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