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Nicely done, artwork and animation was decent, story line (if you could call it that) was amusing, but you should make something longer :)

Alsnowman responds:

Thanx man. This was actually just some practice with a new tablet i got so just wanted to make it short with a cheap joke at the end. Expect it to be better and longer in the future as i get comfortable with my new equipment... and i guess after that i'll do some animation too! (zing) U see wat i did there?? U SEE WAT I DID THERE! LOL


Wow, a great animation there. Very emotive.

Art and animation was nice, not the best - but hey we're not all working for pixar. Especially at the end, some of the fbf running animation was very impressive compared to the tweens you had used previously. Did you use some kind of model or wire-frame for that just out of interest? It was easy to see your progression and development from the start to the end, it looks like you've learnt a lot and improved throughout the production process of this.

The only thing I was kind of disappointed about was that he didn't go see his wife and kid - maybe in the end he was fighting for the wrong things? This definitely made me think and it's no often a flash can do that.

Would have liked to hear some voices, maybe hook up with a voice actor in your next piece.

Overall a stunning piece of work 5/5
Keep at it


I really loved this. It was charming and cute (in a non-gay-way of course). It made my smile.

AdamJack responds:

Were all friends here. Thanks for the kind words. :)

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Artwork was nice, game was enjoyable to play for a while, but it got a little boring towards the end.

It could have been more of a challenge, you can't actually die and you just drive the same part of the track over and over until you unlock something new and travel a little bit further.

Overall, a good game but could use something to keep it interesting and make it more of a challenge throughout.


I'm just gutted this doesn't have medals.

Also could have been longer, but overall, nice effort.


It was simple, but I enjoyed it. Good work! I liked how it sped up as you progressed through the level. It would have been better with slightly more fluid controls and power ups.

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